Best trademark detective services in Delhi NCR at affordable prices

Trident Investigations network provide IPR Services like Trademark, Copyright, Design & Patent Investigation including parallel trade investigation & grey market Investigation. We have gained a position of repute in the industry arena for rendering highly professional and customized Patent Trademark services to our clients. The entity is backed by a team of diligent and hardworking professional detectives, who carry out the investigation activities effectively and provide our esteemed clients with the best results. Our entity has become a name to reckon with and the Top Detective Agency in India

Trademark, Copyright, Design & Patent Infringement Investigations

Trident is one of renowned copyright detective agency in Delhi which provides all type of Trademark, Copyright, Design & Patent investigations services, we conduct these services in a very tactful & confidential manner. Copyright, Trademarks, Design & Patent happening to play a very important role in the industry. It’s a key factor in the modern world of international market. Industrialization and the development of the system of the market-oriented market allow competing manufacturers and traders to offer consumers a variety of goods in the same product / service category.

Forgers not only deceive the buyer but also damage the reputation of the manufacturer, apart from which they do not pay taxes and other duties to the Government neither following any guidelines. Other such biased methods consist in tempting away from competitors, or in inducing the personnel or agents of competitors to terminate their employment or agency contracts.

Patent Detective Agency in Delhi NCR

In our Patent Trademark investigation services, we start off by conducting a successful market survey, which helps us in identifying the fake and spurious articles which are present in the market.

  • We not only find out the fake products but also reach to the roots to find out who manufactures and supplies the same.
  • Nowadays marketplace is full of forged products, which is letting down the image of the brand and is doing a high damage to the goodwill and value of the entity.
  • We henceforth support our clients in tracing out the perpetrators who are making duplicates of your product and letting down the brand value.
  • We help you in saving the brand image of your products as well as your organization.

Years of time and effort are spent on building a brand image which could be tarnished irreversibly by manufacturers of spurious products. Several times, these counterfeit products with your brand name and trademark enter the market. These products enjoy your market share and reduce your profit margin and the brand image to a considerable extent.

We organize our investigative actions across several geographic locations to detect, identify, curtail and prevent the business in counterfeit products and infringement of trademarks.

We will make sure to guard your organization from counterfeit merchandise and grey market trading. We have been actively locating and purchasing counterfeit goods including but not limited to videos, software, clothing, and electronics. We have undercover trading professional that obtain data and merchandise from suspicious sources. Our network of detective agents are spread all over the country with metropolitan cities being the prime focus. Our sophisticated network enables us to monitor the movement of this counterfeit, grey market merchandise in the country.

Why Hire Best Private Investigations Services – Trident Investigations?

Trident has a vast experience in assisting any type of clients to find out the source of diverted product and illegal internal activity. Parallel trade can be defined as the resale of a product by a wholesaler in a market other than that intended by the manufacturer. Trident Investigations, trademark detective services in Delhi NCR investigates the policies of parallel trade in a particular field in which manufacturers invest in product quality and chances to develop similar quality variants of their products / services.

We have skilled professionals who have conducted the investigation in various industries those are facing grey market issues and assisted manufacturers by gathering verification to allow the client to resolve their internal and external issues.

We provide required evidence for seizure. For any similar assistance for more comprehensive information related to our IPR services please feel free to write us at or call at 9810934570.



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